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I've started this project as a warning about the problems our communication has. We don't make ourselves responsible for what we understand once we are communicated something. And it is also a way of pointing out what do we miss every time we communicate with each other. 

This pictures depict sexual taboos, pictures that'd be censured in any social media if they weren't properly deconstructed. This one for example depicts a penis but once you enlarge enough the "pixels" it's made of, the penis is only visible for us. It is but it is not. They are only a bunch of circles rearranged in such a way that they look like they are forming a penis. 

The idea is to paint these pieces in public spaces, pointing out the things we hide. It is a piece made for humans and understandable only by a human brain. The piece itself is only a bunch of dots. 

This miscommunication, this relationship between the things we understand and how the things really are is one of my obsessions. I wanted to challenge our form of communication. And to strike I have to use whatever people doesn't want to see. Sexual topics are normally taboo in west societies, it is only logical to use sexual topics that would be banned if they were communicated in a more obvious way. This pieces move the message to the viewer, they are only a platform to launch that message, not the message itself. That's why they work. 


But they can only challenge this way of communicating with reality (not making ourselves responsible for what we understand) in a public space, where they don't belong to anyone but the ones who see them. 


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